Solid punk rock and a super debut…get Uno Mas!
Bogans may at first be considered social trash from the rectal crack of society's arse but the music comes from a place with much pedigree
Bogans have produced an excellent record in ‘Uno Mas!’ which I urge you to buy. This will no doubt be played to death until their next release.
Wrexham’s Bogans provided the most energetic set of the day
This is what punk rock is supposed to be: rebellious, unpredictable and energetic!
The energy, charisma and attitude you want your Skate Punk to have, Bogans have got it.
This bandcamp release is fast unrelenting Hardcore Punk from back in the day and the unambiguous strength of such is that I have nothing else to say on it and that also goes for the EP as a whole.
With an EP coming out shortly, Bogans is definitely a band worth keeping an eye out for.